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Eligibility to ALS (aka SHS)

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Eligibility to ALS (aka SHS)

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Social Housing Support is a financial help for students aiming to reduce the lease of their accommodation according to their eligibility and need. All the information is explained below and can be found on the Official French Administration website:


The ALS is attributed to declared tenant or co-tenant of furnished or not furnished accommodation. The principal beneficiaries are youths and students.

Condition of attribution

The ALS is attributed to anyone no matter:

  • His or her family situation
  • His or her nationality but with a valid certificate of stay for foreign persons
  • His or her professional situation

No minimum age is required. However, an emancipated minor child may receive the ALS under the condition that the lease is under his or her name. For the unemancipated minor child, because of his or her legal incapacity to contract, it is required that the lease must be signed or co-signed by the parents, the rent receipt may possibly be established in the name of the minor not-emancipated child.