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Privilodges has been providing specialist accommodations for short, medium and long stay in Grenoble in the previous 20 years. Since 2010 Privilodges has extended its services to youths and students looking for a place to stay. Given the good reviews that have followed this extension of accommodations, Privilodges has decided to mainly focus on the student branch and has renamed itself Privilodges Student Housing.

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Eligibility to ALS (aka SHS)

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Social Housing Support is a financial help for students aiming to reduce the lease of their accommodation according to their eligibility and need. All information is explained below and can be found on the Official French Administration website:


The ALS is attributed to declared tenant or co-tenant of furnished or not furnished accommodation. The principal beneficiaries are youths and students.

Condition of attribution

The ALS is attributed to anyone no matter:

  • His or her family situation
  • His or her nationality but with a valid certificate of stay for foreign persons
  • His or her professional situation

No minimum age is required. However, an emancipated minor child may receive the ALS under the condition that the lease is under his or her name. For the unemancipated minor child, because of his or her legal incapacity to contract, it is required that the lease must be signed or co-signed by the parents, the rent receipt may possibly be established in the name of the minor not-emancipated child.

Our approach

The purpose of Privilodges Student Housing is to take into account and even anticipate the needs of all students. Since 2010, our student residences (located in Lyon, Grenoble and Saint-Etienne) are adapted to student needs in terms of space, size, commodities and facilities but also atmosphere and design. If all of this matches your expectations of a residence, choose Privilodges Student Housing as your next home!


Every area is under high security, be it the residence itself, the apartments or service facilities such as the fitness and the laundry rooms. It is essential to us that our students feel safe in their residence and can enjoy a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in order for them to remain focus on their studies and not being disturbed.


We take the cleanliness of each of student apartment very seriously. It is our commitment to make sure that each room is in a safe and sanitary state of work both at check-in and check-out. Moreover, commune areas are cleaned several times a week.


It is not easy to find student housing in Grenoble! That is why our multilingual staff is available to students and parents for questions, tours of the apartments, or to help completing the file for the registration.

  • Laundry The laundry facility is a restricted area only accessible to students from the residence. It has easy-to-use programmed machines which work with coins. A cleaning staff comes regularly. No more dirty laundry to bring back home during the weekend!
  • Bike storage room A bike storage room is located on premise for the exclusive use of our guests. Located in the basement, it is not visible from the outside of the building.
  • Fitness room Only accessible with a key, the fitness room is well-equipped and regularly cleaned. Moreover, if you need fresh air, the Paul Mistral Park is located on the other side of the street!
  • Guestroom The guestroom welcomes everyone with high-tables, co-working space, a table-football game, a TV space, chairs, pouffes, a share-kitchen. The Guestroom is a great place to hold study groups, relax, or enjoy time with friends.

Our core values

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  • Hospitality
    The quality is seen through the capacity to listen and the know-how. Every student, business traveler or family has their own way of life, as well as their favorite housing formula, and that is why Privilodges never stops looking for ways to ensure that everyone finds happiness in their stay with us.
  • Friendliness
    In Privilodges we are committed to guaranteeing your serenity! Intimate and secure living areas, cocoon rooms and private spaces are available in all our establishments. Inhale, exhale, we cultivate your inner peace.
  • Serenity
    Make yourself at home! Privilodges city residences offer friendly atmosphere to simplify exchanges and enjoyable relationship between residents.

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